Join us for a Café français !


What is a “Café Français” ?

Le café à la Française is designed to be unique and to be independent from each other’s.

Our café is based on free discussions. It is the best way to getting out of the routine.

Each café à la Française will last one hour to fit within our busy schedules. We will support with the vocabulary, the structures, the grammar to help the comprehension and the fluentness.

Each session is dedicated to your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. We use a mix of oral and written skills.

Learn together

Meet other students and improve your French together !

Feel Good

Feel confident about your French skills while having fun

Only 20 £

A unique price for every session !


1. Choose the “café” that is best suited to your needs

2. Contact me and BOOK right away !

(pay by cash or ask for an invoice to make a bank transfer !)

1. Choose the “café” that is best suited to your needs

Daily Conversation

60 minutes

Refreshing your French skills

Variety of topics

Holidays and travel

Level : Beginners / Elementary

Speed Speaking

60 minutes

Latest news

Role play

French games

Level : intermediates

French Culture

60 minutes



French tradition

Level : Advanced

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